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SRI - Neuroscience


Updated information about research opportunities for undergraduate students in neuroscience and computational neuroscience labs.

For questions about the program please contact

Neuroscience Labs in NYC

SRI through the Neuroscience Department

Neuroscience labs in the New York City area with openings for students for the Summer 2020 and other NYC area lab opportunities.

Test Tubes

Computational Neuroscience

SRI through the Neuroscience Department

Aurel A. Lazar is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia. 

In 2003 he founded the Bionet Group, which is focused on the molecular architecture and the functional logic of the fruit fly brain. He leads research projects in Building Interactive Computing Tools for the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory, in Computing with Fruit Fly Brain Circuits and on Creating NeuroInformation Processing Machines.

Computational Neuroscience Courses offered:


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Barnard SRI

The Summer Research Institute reflects Barnard's commitment to advancing excellence in STEM fields, while fostering close collaborations between faculty and student researchers. In 2019, nearly 200 students received funding to conduct faculty-mentored research in laboratories at Barnard College, at Columbia University, at labs around New York City, and in some instances around the country.

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